10 Tips for Building Trust with your Clients -

Trust – what are we without it?

Trust is a huge factor with our business.  As estate agents we want vendors and landlords to trust us to sell/let their properties but also conduct viewings when they are not around.  You may remember the story a couple of weeks ago of the agent who was filmed stealing a bar of galaxy from a home in East London.  With stories such as this in the press its no wonder that as an estate agent that we battle with the perception of trust.

How can we begin to start building trust in a client/agent relationship?

Here are my top 10 tips for building trust.

1.         Honesty

We do get teased about estate agent ‘lingo’ and we often like to embellish to attract potential buyers.  But there is a fine line between embellishment and misrepresentation.  Be honest – and provide a solution.  Clients will not buy from people they do not trust.

2.         It’s not all about you!

Be curious about your clients.  You need to know about their wants and needs with regards to property, but understanding them as people may spark an idea that could lead them in a direction that they never envisaged.

3.         Stand and Deliver!

Can you deliver everything that you promise your clients?  Have you read your sales brochure lately?  Every message you are stating, whether verbal, online or in print, you need to be able to deliver.

4.         Excuses, Excuses!

This comes back again to honesty.  No one likes excuses we prefer the truth.  Don’t make excuses, deliver what you promised or provide open and transparent communication.

5.         No trash-talking

In our business there is competition coming from every angle, no matter whether you are a traditional, fixed fee or online agent.  You may have seen shocking behaviour from a competitor and have personal views about their service.  A quick and easy way to go down in clients’ estimations is to trash-talk.  Rise above and remain professional.

6.         Show Integrity

Are you willing to make unpopular decisions because it’s the right thinking to do?  Show integrity and you will gain respect and in turn trust.

7.         Do you have a bad egg?

Your service needs to be consistent from every element of your agency.  As consumers we mainly remember the bad service over the good.  Don’t let one bad egg poison your client/agent relationship.

8.         Be Real

We are in a people profession so don’t hide behind your estate agent mask.  Be professional but don’t be afraid to show a little of the real you.  This is your personal brand.

9.         Care

Moving home as we know is stressful, but your clients may also have other stressful situations to deal with alongside moving.  Showing empathy and understanding is just what your client needs and deserves.

10.      Surprise, Surprise!

We all love surprises, well most of us do!  When it comes to business, clients want to be surprised.  It doesn’t need to come in the form of a gift, but delivering service beyond their expectations is the best surprise of all.

If you asked the general public to describe an estate agent, would they choose these words?

Follow my 10 steps and your clients will soon be singing your praises.