Agents: How to let your quality shine through -

Guest Post By Rajeev Nayyar of

You want to be the agency that gets the instruction, closes the deal and is the envy of your competitors on the high street.  But in order to get to that position you need to ensure that the foundations of your business are solid otherwise you will always be on the back foot.

Let’s take a look at a sporting analogy that highlights the benefits of well mapped and properly implemented processes.

In football, the exciting flair-players who make their supporters smile and their opponents shudder can only excel and show-off their qualities if they have the backing of the rest of the team who do the basics well each and every time.

For every Lionel Messi there’s a Sergio Busquets quietly going about their job.

Without a capable defence and midfield handling the basics of the game, the star players would never be able to shine through.

Worse yet, if the defence and midfield are weak then the star players have to dedicate their time on the field to track back and cover for the others.

The same goes for your agency.

If the cogs of transaction management and customer care are not mapped out and managed properly then you will be forever dedicating unnecessary time to these.

From a customer’s perspective getting the basics right is a given but the layer of service is what creates real brand loyalty.

Unfortunately, for agents across the UK the bulk of their time is devoted to those basics with limited time and resource available to allow them to really shine.

Imagine your life if the fundamentals just flowed and you could spend your time standing out from your competitors, and impressing your current clients (vendors and landlords) and your future clients (purchasers and tenants).

Your reputation underpins your business in your local market.  With the right processes baked into your business you can sleep easy at night knowing that the compliance with the raft of changing regulation is being taken care of.  Or put another way, getting the basics right each and every time will let you capitalise when your less process-driven competitors fail to do so.

So don’t delay! Get the right processes in place to help your business to thrive.


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