Am I Your Number 1? -


Am I Your Number 1?

What you need to be a top performer.


We all strive to be the best - the best in our town, our region, the world.


How do you get to be the best? 


The basics

Understanding your business is crucial and ensuring your entire team not only know what you do but are also ‘doing’ what you do.


Keep Growing

I don’t mean expanding in size, I mean in learning.  Keep you eye on the industry nationally and internationally.  What are other businesses doing outside your sector, is there any innovative practices you can try?  You won’t become the best by standing still.



Focus on what matters in your business.  People will recognise and praise you for good practice; especially in our industry they will not praise you for the amount of money you’re making.  Be remembered for what matters – Service.



Have a clear service ethos that your team live by, if you are all working towards the same set of principal’s clients will respect you.  Remember “please and thank you” go a long way, and say “sorry” when you’re wrong.


Don’t Miss

Every person you meet can be a potential client or know a potential client.  It is important that you never miss an opportunity and your company ethos can be seen inside and outside work.  Don’t be blindsided by perception, you could be missing out on an amazing opportunity.


Share your Expertise

Share your expertise, your thoughts and your ideas.  Let people discover the person behind the stereotype of ‘Estate Agent’.  Use print and social media to show that you and your company are human and at the centre of your business is your heart.


Take it on the Chin

There will be an occasion where something goes wrong and a client complains.  How you deal with their complaint will determine whether the client goes away happy.  Discuss the complaint, gain feedback and make your client feel as though they are part of the solution.


Cost vs Value

Always ask yourself, what is the value to my business?  If something is ‘costing’ your business is it achieving your desired goal? Is it bringing in clients? Is it winning you instructions? Is it increasing your profile in the area?  If the cost outweighs the value, why are you doing it?


Your biggest Asset

Never under estimate your greatest resource and asset, your team.  Your people will grow your business so invest in them.  Yes some may fly, but if you provide opportunities for them to grow they will help turn your ‘great’ business into the ‘best’ business.


Don’t nose dive

Once you are the best, it’s easy to fall and fall hard.  Everyone likes to criticise the best, find weakness in their service and simply become better.  Don’t nose dive on your success, you must continue to be even better because if you don’t someone else will.


Being the best isn’t about what you do, but how you do it!