Are you ‘The Only Estate Agent in the Village’? -

Walking round the streets within your neighbourhood you will see a number of other estate agents.  Let’s face it the time of being the only estate agent in an area went along time ago.  One thing that hasn’t changed is our desire to be part of and respected by the community for which we serve.  So how can your community notice you as an agent?



In all areas, small and large, word of mouth is the best way to get noticed.  You obviously want this ‘gossip’ to be good so make sure your service is outstanding and memorable.  Let the word on the street be about how great you are.



It is not only enough to be present on the high street you need to be part of it.  When is the last time you visited the other stores for a chat?  Find out what your community offers and be sure to tell your clients. 



Find ways to support your community and other local businesses.  For example, host a regular network meeting with a purpose of all local businesses finding ways to support and promote each other.


Give Back

Most of you will sponsor a local event or two, but how far do you go?  Now I am not talking about the size of the donation but more of your conviction for the cause?  Choose a charity or event carefully, work closely with them regularly, whether it’s giving a small about of time, attending other events or promoting them within your branch.



Introduce something unique or quirky to your window display to entice people to look into your window as they walk past.  Try and update it regularly so they will have to take a glance when ever they pass.


Little Touches

We all remember the little touches, whether it’s a card to say thank you or a box of chocolates.  Come up with a range of little touches to ensure that your past, present and potential clients will never forget who you are.


Be Different

It is so easy to follow the norm with regards to ‘estate agent’ advertising.  Throw the book away and come up with marketing initiatives that make your stand out from the crowd. 


Show your community:


….and you will make them believe that you are ‘The Only Estate Agent in the Village’.