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Do your clients get the right first impression as they walk through your door?


Let me set the scene, you are no longer an estate agent, what would your expectations be as you walk through the door of your office?


Firstly, it’s difficult to not think like an estate agent but it is important in our business that we take time to step back and see our business through our clients’ eyes.  What would your first impressions be as you walk through the door.


Think about your environment and office layout.  Many clients will be slightly intimidated walking in so you need to have a welcome that is warm and relaxing.   I’ve been in offices with old furniture, where no one get’s up from their desk to talk to you and the only personal touch is their belongings sat by their chair.


Think of your office as the first stage of your relationship with your client, and as you tell them ‘your home must make a good first impression’ so must your office.  It is the small details that people remember.



These things maybe small to you but to your clients could mean the difference of which agent they choose.


You have the right environment, but as you sit down to talk what do you think a client will expect from you?  You can probably list the following with ease but are you actually doing it?



You will be surprised how many clients will enter your office and not receive the service you believe you are offering.  First impressions in property are so important no matter which side of the business you are in. 


We can all improve and this is about tightening up those areas that may slide from time to time.  Think about commissioning a series of ‘mystery shopper’ reports on various aspects of your first impression.  Look at all the ways your clients first interact with your business, in person, by telephone, online, social media etc.


This is not about spying, this is about improving.


It is those businesses that can acknowledge that something isn’t meeting their expectations that grow and become stronger.


Are you ready to discover the shocking truth about your business?