How to make this the best year ever -

How to make this the best year ever


We are already coming to the end of the first month of the year.  Where does the time go?  If like me you have a list of goals you wish to smash this year and take your business to the next level, how can you ensure you will succeed?  Henry David Thoreau said, “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.  Now put the foundations under them.”


‘Foundations’ as described by Thoreau are essential in determining the success of any goal.  Foundations could be your systems, but remember systems are not goals; systems are your processes for instructions, sales, and operations.   As agents we love to win, systems have no measure and therefore although essential, it doesn’t harness our appetite, whereas goals have a measure and therefore, able to give us that win.


Plan your success


There are two theories of thought about setting goals for a year, one wants you to look at long-term goals, the second a series of short-term goals, by short term I mean over a period of 3 months.  Whether you prefer to set long term or short term goals you need to plan your steps to achieve them.  By planning these steps, your goal has a life and allows us to see our progress.  How many of us decide to loose a few pounds at the start of a New Year.  If we don’t make our magical target weight we set ourselves at the beginning we can feel disillusioned and often our desire to meet our target weight fades.  By changing your mindset and scheduling small steps to achieve that goal means you’re always working to a deadline and you achieve success at each stage.


Visualize your success


Visualizing your future is a method undertaken by top professionals and athletes.  It is known that Muhammad Ali would always see himself victorious before a boxing fight.  By visualizing the end result, you focus on the positives and not the obstacles you may face on your way.  Many professionals feel the process is strengthened by placing an image of the goal where it will be seen regularly, such as on your fridge or close to your desk, this will keep it in the forefront of your minds.  For many, writing down goals gives a sense of commitment, no longer are your goals ideals there are now real and achievable.


Start each day clear minded


How do you start each day?  What if I told you, your day should start the day before?  Again this involves visualizing and planning.  Visualize your day and prioritize what you really need to do then set about planning it.  When you arrive at the office, you have clear actions and a schedule to follow allowing you to start your day with a clear mind and a focused approach.




See challenges as opportunities


Every day we can be faced with challenges, obstacles, and negativity that can pull us away from our goals.  See every challenge as an opportunity, every obstacle and piece of negativity as a chance to learn from a new experience.  Mastering this ability to positively react to what faces you will enable you to dominate your business.


Celebrate your successes


It can be easy to focus on went wrong rather than what went right!  There is a train of thought of never looking back in business, but if you don’t look back you won’t be able to see how far you have come.  Celebrate each success, no matter how small and praise your team as a result.  Some of us are great about sharing our wins others prefer the silent approach.  How will your clients and potential clients know of your achievements if you don’t share your success?


Don’t hide behind your brand


Your personal brand is just as important as your company’s brand.  Every person you meet or have contact with has the potential to promote your business, but to do that they need to feel a level of trust in you.  To start to build trust they need to get to know you as a person and they can’t do this if you’re hiding behind your brand.


We all have the potential to make 2016 the best year ever, so make sure you plan, visualize and celebrate your successes, and start each day with a focused approach, positively react to challenges and create a strong personal brand.