The Sold and Forgotten -

The Sold and Forgotten.


The retail industry has got it right!  When we buy something from a store and they have our email or postal address, they keep in touch.  It may just be an email every now and then with their latest products, or a seasonal message.  We may have only bought a book or a even a pen, but the company want us to know that even though we have bought, we are not forgotten and hope we go back again in the future.


As Estate Agents we sell a person’s biggest asset, we guide them through the whole process providing the best service we can.  We build a relationship with our clients; we get to know them as people.  We spend a few months talking to them on a regular basis and take real pride in seeing them move into their new home.  Then what do we do?




This journey may have ended for your clients, but it doesn’t mean it’s their last one.  They have friends and family who may also want to move and although you gave the best service, you too maybe forgotten.


Our budgets are focused so much on new business that we forget about retention.  We produce adverts, newsletters and magazines in attempt to attract potential buyers.  But how much of your budget do you spend focusing on retention?


Our aftersales service needs to change, we need to see our relationship with our clients as a lifetime relationship rather than a holiday romance.  Now we don’t want to become ‘spam’, but we can certainly find simple and effective ways of saying ‘Hello’ 3 or 4 times a year.


So next time you client has completed, make sure they are Sold and Remembered.


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