Vendors are not your sales team -

It always amazes me the number of agents that do not offer the most important service you can give – accompanied viewings.  Why? 


What is it about this crucial part of selling a home that makes you think you have to remain absent? 


How will you really know what the buyer thought of the home?


As an agent your purpose is to sell property, so how can you ‘sell’ if you are not there?


These questions and more have really puzzled me.


Vendors in some ways do have an advantage in that they know their home, but do they know how to sell it?  Do they know the key rules of undertaking a viewing? 


No! They are wrapped up in memories and emotion and buyers know this.  Potential buyers may throw off the wrong signals in an attempt not to hurt feelings.  They may also not view the property thoroughly as they may feel awkward with the vendors at home.  They will most certainly not be able to discuss their likes and concerns.  Vendors may also feel insecure, intimidated and sometimes vulnerable about taking strangers around their home.


Vendors are not your sales team so do not treat them as such.


Asking a vendor to show their property can have an immediate affect on your agent / client relationship. 


Wasted Opportunity


Our business is all about people and first impressions, and this boils down to relationships and trust.  The vendor trusts you to sell their home, so take a little time to understand the home and its best assets.


The trick to any selling is creating a desire.  Understanding your buyer will aid you in pre-empting any questions and recommending solutions.


Undertaking a viewing


  1. Pre-qualify the client - you need to understand their position, discover their requirements, why this property and what are their futures plans?
  2. Research and if possible visit the property before viewing
  3. Confirm the appointment with both the vendor and potential buyer.
  4. Arrive early to the appointment so you can check the property and ensure it is presented in the best possible light.
  5. Guide the potential buyers round the property, make sure you have a viewing plan.  This requires you to talk to the vendor prior to the viewing to enable you to sell the lifestyle and emotional attachment.  You also need to know which keys open what door to ensure that the potential buyers can view the entire property including the garden, garage and other areas of the home.
  6. Be prepared for questions you expect to be asked and do your research for any detailed questions.  The more you are able to answer these questions then and there, the more likely you will be able to close the sale.
  7. Give potential buyers the chance to walk round the property on their own.
  8. Buying signals?
  9. Follow up!



Spot the timewasters.


When you are undertaking an accompanied viewing it is easier to spot any time wasters who may have slipped through the pre-qualification net.  Your time is valuable so use it wisely.


Accompanied verses Unaccompanied Viewings


In this battle there is only ever one winner – Accompany your viewings and sell more homes.