Why Don’t we Share Stories of Inspirational Agents? -

I get fed up with watching all the negative TV programmes and reading newspaper articles about Estate Agents and Letting Agents. Last week was the Watchdog story about a Letting Agent. Whilst I accept this makes great news and highlights the fact that as an Industry we need to raise our standards, I want to redress the playing field.

As with all industries, it’s a tiny percentage of our agents that give us a bad name.  I work with Estate Agents and Letting Agents nationwide and I want to share with you some of the fantastic, inspirational work these Agents are doing out there.

Because he cared

When a tenant leaves a property it can be a stressful time.  Agent A went into a tenanted property to see the condition the tenant had let left the property in.  He noticed a touch of mould went back to his car, where he carries a cleaning kit and cleaned the apartment, got rid of mould and let the flat at its first viewing obtaining the Landlord a higher rent in the process. 

The little touches that can be so powerful to those involved, such as the Agent who drove past the property of one of his clients, he knew they were away and stopped and watered the plants. The agent whose clients had been had been packing all their belongings away that day in readiness for their move and on her way home bought them fish and chips.  And how could I forget the agent who had his head down cleaning the toilet so the tenant could get his deposit back.  Whilst he was cleaning the Landlord walked in wondering what he was doing. After an explanation the Landlord then instructed him on another property.

Everyday up and down the country agents are doing amazing little things that mean so much to vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants.  They don’t shout about it, they don’t make it a PR opportunity, to these agents this is just what good service is and it is the norm for them.

You can’t help but feel proud by the overwhelming amount of charity work that the Industry does. Take a look at Agents Giving agentsgiving.org/ as one fantastic example of this. There are many more.

Agents are continuously demonstrating how they add value to the vendor by the getting them the highest nett price in the timescale that suits their client.  They work tirelessly to take the stress out of the process; always demonstrating the cheapest estate agent is the one that achieves the highest price for the vendors’ property and not the one that charges the cheapest fee. These Agents fully deserve their 1.5% - 2.5% for continuously putting more money in vendors pockets.

These are just a few examples of what I see and hear on a regular basis. I recently set up a Facebook group for Estate Agents and Letting Agents, this group every day captivates me with their passion, energy, and enthusiasm.  They demonstrate to me how they want to make the whole property experience better for Vendors, Purchasers, Landlords and Tenants. It truly is inspirational.

I would love you to share with me your inspirational stories about Estate Agents and Letting Agents and highlight the outstanding work they do.