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Research your way to success

When I’m called into an estate agency to consult, I take time to understand where the business is now.  Together we research figures and results from a number of sources including RightmovePlus.  This has always been a great resource but now Rightmove have introduced a new tool to help your agency

The costly mistake of not home staging

I think one thing we can agree on when we attend market appraisals, is that every home is different and how they are presented for sale can vary dramatically.  We have previously talked about honesty when conducting an appraisal, and how to broach the subject of home staging.  I had a great response on this

Speed of Service is Key

I travel a lot with work and often frequent a coffee shop or two.  The other day I entered a shop, it was busy but not so busy that there weren’t any tables free, but there was a big queue.  It was evident that the barista was in training and therefore service was slow.  A couple of people in front

Knowledge is Power, or is it?

One of the reasons people wish to sell a house through an estate agent is because they have the knowledge.   We know about their product, the market and in their eyes we are the experts.  It’s just like if you were buying an expensive car, you wouldn’t just buy from anyone, you would want to

Is the truth worth it?

We have all seen them, those nightmare estate agent photos that fill you with wonder on how someone can use them to market a property.  But are you in the same league as these agents when it comes to telling the truth to your clients?


Undertaking an appraisal is for the sole purpose of gaining