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Why you should embrace every bad experience

Why you should embrace every bad experience


We all love good testimonials from clients, those stories that exude all the positives we are striving for within our agency.  Although these testimonials matter, what you should also be looking out for are the bad ones, the

Do you want to win games or championships?

Although I love my job, I can spend many hours seated, especially due to the distance I can travel on a weekly basis.  There is nothing I like more than getting out and going for a walk in the fresh air.  As it happens my wife is training for the Shine Walk in September so we are often out with our dog putting

Don’t underestimate the damaged caused from bad photos

As estate agents we work for the vendor and our job is to get them the highest net price.  To do this we need to ensure that every piece of marketing material we produce to promote the vendor’s property is professional. 


Sounds simple doesn’t it!  But why aren’t