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Are you ‘The Only Estate Agent in the Village’?

Walking round the streets within your neighbourhood you will see a number of other estate agents.  Let’s face it the time of being the only estate agent in an area went along time ago.  One thing that hasn’t changed is our desire to be part of and respected by the

The Sold and Forgotten

The Sold and Forgotten.


The retail industry has got it right!  When we buy something from a store and they have our email or postal address, they keep in touch.  It may just be an email every now and then with their latest products, or a seasonal message.  We may have

How strong are your foundations?

5 Tips for reviewing your business plan.

When building a house we need to ensure that our foundations are solid, any crack or subsidence can have a detrimental effect. But as our businesses start to grow we often-loose track of our foundations, the basics sometimes get lost.