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10 Tips for Building Trust with your Clients

Trust – what are we without it?

Trust is a huge factor with our business.  As estate agents we want vendors and landlords to trust us to sell/let their properties but also conduct viewings when they are not around.  You may remember the story a couple of weeks ago of

How can you sell when you don’t know the Product?

How can you sell when you don’t know the Product?


I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, and they asked me “How can my agent sell my house, when they don’t know anything about it?”  On further questioning she informed me that the agent

Vendors are not your sales team

It always amazes me the number of agents that do not offer the most important service you can give – accompanied viewings.  Why? 


What is it about this crucial part of selling a home that makes you think you have to remain absent? 


How will you really

Discover the shocking truth

Do your clients get the right first impression as they walk through your door?


Let me set the scene, you are no longer an estate agent, what would your expectations be as you walk through the door of your office?


Firstly, it’s difficult to not

Am I Your Number 1?


Am I Your Number 1?

What you need to be a top performer.


We all strive to be the best - the best in our town, our region, the world.